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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Famous Gay Korean Movies

Although Korea is still struggling to accept its gay youth, gay Korean movies are on the rise—and clearly this tension isn't stopping filmmakers from touching upon this very controversial subject.  So which movies reigned supreme in Korean movie theaters?  The following movies below are must sees for everyone, regardless of their sexuality.
  1. "The King and the Clown"  Although this movie doesn't outright give any mentions of homosexuality, it is implied that several of the characters are gay.  In
    "The King and the Clown", the story focuses on two street performers who are ordered to perform in front of the king, King Yeonsangun.  In a turn of strange events, the King asks for Gonggil, one of the clowns, to be his "personal" performer.  Soon the King becomes more unstable, with Gonggil's life at risk.
  2. "No Regret" After leaving his orphanage, Su-min embarks to Seoul to go to college–but soon afterward begins prostituting to gay men.  During his exploits, he meets Jae-min, who is very in denial of his sexual identity, and struggles to keep it a secret.  Still, a relationship develops, which turns tragic.  This gay Korean movie was one of the first to be made, and its gender and homophobic themes still hold true today.
  3. "Hello My Love"  It's every woman's heartbreaking fear–finding out your boyfriend is gay.  Unfortunately, Ho-jeong learns this startling truth in "Hello My Love", a romantic comedy where she learns–and struggles to cope with–her boyfriend's coming out.  She decides to win him back, though his intentions are clearly affiliated with the same sex.


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