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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

10 Best Sad Korean Movies

Get a box of tissues and get ready for a good  cry with the 10 best sad Korean movies. The ten best sad Korean movies are a mix of coming of age and romance stories that explore the depths of human emotions with images of love lost, family and war. No matter  how tough you may think you are; it's tough to watch any one of the ten best sad Korean movies without shedding a tear.
  1. “A Moment to Remember” (2004)- Few things are sadder than young love cut short. In this sad Korean movie, a young couple has to find a way to make the most of their limited time together when one of them is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's.
  2. “The Classic” (2003)- On it’s surface, a story about the parallel stories of a mother and daughter falling in love seems sweet, but this sad Korean movie tempers the sweetness of love with the crushing sadness of class differences and war.
  3. “Windstruck” (2004)- Somewhere in between heart achingly sad and uplifting lies this sad Korean movie. When her boyfriend dies, a woman learns that he is always with her.
  4. “The Way Home” (2002)- This sad Korean movie is a great little story about a little boy who is left to be raised by his Grandmother while his mom looks for work. Through his Grandmother’s love and patience, the once spoiled city boy learns the importance of family.
  5. “Sad Movie” (2005)- This sad Korean movie definitely lives up to its name. It profiles three different couples as they try to navigate the ups and downs of their relationships.
  6. “More than Blue” (2009)- Be prepared to shed more than a few tears when you watch this sad Korean movie. A man with terminal cancer falls for a young woman, but keeps his feeling for her a secret. Instead he vows to find her a man before he dies.
  7. “Maundy Thursday” (2006)- Normally a movie with this much melodrama is something that’s easy to blow off, but the actors in this sad Korean movie turn in brilliant performances that it's set apart. When a former pop star tries to commit suicide and fails she finds new meaning to life and love in form of a death row inmate.
  8. “Tae Guk gi: The Brotherhood of War” (2004)- Showing the horrors of war and how the bond between brothers can see the human spirit can see through the atrocities of war is why this is one of the ten best sad Korean movies.
  9. “Sorry, I Love You” (2004)- After being shot in the head, a young adoptee decides to go back to Korea to find his birth family. Instead of the happy ending he imagined, he is greeted such contempt that he is driven to seek vengeance. Being a complex story of love, revenge and family is what makes this one of the ten best sad Korean movies.
  10. “April Snow” (2005)- After being called to the hospital after their spouses are in a car accident, a man and a woman find out that their now wounded partners have been having an affair, so they decide to have an affair with each other. Starting out as strictly revenge and switching gears into genuine affection and unending sorrow is why this is one of the ten best sad Korean movies.


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